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Online Advertising with OC Ad Site can get your business the exposure it needs, place your business banner on the sidebars or header of local Orange County websites for just a few dollars a day.  Local online advertising can help put your business website in front of your target market “Orange County Consumers”

You create your banner and upload it to our site using the link below, choose either Sidebar Banner Advertising or Header Banner Advertising depending on the amount of exposure you want your business to have. Our ad partners get thousands of page-views a month using multiple means of marketing their sites including social media, mobile app messaging, and through email marketing campaigns. If you have any questions please visit our FAQ’s page or contact Customer Service.


Get your business website in front of your target market 

“Orange County Consumers”


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Sidebar Banners must be 250 W×200 H in pixels

Header Banners must be 600 W×150 H in pixels

(Please label your photo with your company name)

We do not guarantee Results or traffic.

Download Photoshop Banner Templates Below 

Sidebar Banner Template    Header Banner Template

Website advertising – terms and conditions